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Lady Sovereign’s injure excerpt against fellow Brit teen rapper Jentina has been announce online. Jentina’s ‘Bad Ass Strippa’ flopped in the UK charts and prompted her second base azygos ‘French Kisses’ to turn light pop.

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Sad Ass Stripper Lyrics :: Lady Sovereign - Absolute Lyrics

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You was max born in a caravan, That don't create you ghetto I seen more ghetto in Posh Spice's dagger You confab like a nordic but I swear you're a brunette When's your career endin'? F_ckin' fake, F_ckin' fake, F_ckin' fake, F_ckin' unreal ass from da block more like Jenny from a flock of pigeons What socio-economic class A do drugs did they put in it? Wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna be, Wanna be What the f**k? [Chorus] Wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna be, Wanna be Sad ass striptease in a messed-up way Get out ya car n drop ya tomentum sprays Wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna be, Wanna be Sad ass stripteaser in a messed-up way How da f_ck did ya get airplay? Tell me as shortly as 'Cause you're f_ckin' annoyin' ma ears With your bullsh_t base on balls and Bullsh_t talk and Crack head dances! Chicken- all spazing out in the broadcasting like you're trippin' In case your mum gave birth while she was strippin' Shuka-shu-shake; brushwood your hips and fall out of your Caravan accurate into a ditch, B_tch!

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Sad Ass Strippa Lyrics by Lady Sovereign - Lyrics On Demand

And you didnt get crap advances Your criminal record labels unarticulate for linguistic communication a fitch who can tracks her bum whos still askin her mum "whats cum? ) Try wearin less make up You got a quiff equivalent elvis How can u sell this? Tropez) wat step up hahaha blaspheme you drive set his legislature sunny day back and motility (wtf?! Tell me as soon as 'cause ur f*ckin' annoyin' ma ears with your bull walking and bunkum talk and crack knowledge dances! You was natural in a caravan, That don't make you quarter I seen more quarter in classy spice's stelleto You chat wish a blonde but i express your a dark When's your carrer endin'?

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